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Gestalt Tactics is an upcoming Fantasy/Science Fiction Role-Playing Game that follows the story of Agent Dean Morris and his quest to destroy the eight Nightmare Dungeons and the alien entity controlling them.

While the story is decidedly sci-fi in tone, incorporating concepts such as quantam immortatlity and eternal inflation, the combat, party members and dungeons are heavily inspired by Final Fantasy, Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy, and works like Beowulf and the Arthurian myth.


The game is seperated into two main parts: Daytime (Social Sim) and Nighttime (Dungeon Crawl). During the day, Morris will interact with the townsfolk, running errands or jobs for them, collecting evidence and taking part in leisure activities such as fishing and poker. These activities will influence the stat growth of your party, and will divulge information about upcoming enemies and dungeons. Going to the libary and reading a book about vampires for instance, might bring up elemental weaknesses or optimal gear against vampire-type enemies,which will be highlighted in yellow.

At night, you will enter the forest, which will teleport you to the current Nightmare Dungeon. All combat is featured in these instances, which take place in multiple "crypt" segments, each roughly around the size of a normal "Dungeon" such as in Final Fantasy (NES). Spaced in between these Crypts are shrines, where you can purchase items or craft new gear and party members. At the end of a Crypt, a boss battle will usually be featured, the difficulty and selection of which may be altered by gathering Sinister Mask Fragments found in green loot chests.

Combat is roughly similar to most NES and SNES-era JRPG games, with static turns for party and monsters. However, unlike several old-school RPG titles, Gestalt Tactics heavily features the use of "spells" (skills) for all party members, be they buffs, nerfs or magic attacks. Combat is heavily strategy-based, with certain skills able to combo off each other and form Sync Skills, such as a Rogue shooting an Arrow Volley and an Elementalist following up with Flame, resulting in Burning Volley.

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