The Wesnoth Marshal

The Knight is one of the main starting Ushabti, and is obtained by having Justice as one of your four highest stats at the beginning of the game.

The Knight is based on an Imperial Marshal from A Battle for Wesnoth, and is one of the many cameo Ushabti drawn from the Wesnoth lore.


The Knight's main role in a party is combat, but provides the occasionnal buff in the form of Battle Shout and Warbanner. At level 5, you may choose to learn Mighty Slash or Warhorn, your future skills being based on your choice.

At level 10, the Knight may advance into one of three Advanced Ushabti:

Paladin - Justice, Compassion, Patience

Crusader - Justice, Anger

Anti Paladin - Justice, Malevolence, Anger

The Knight and all Advanced units levelled from it may equip Heavy Armor and Short, Long and Broadswords. Paladins may use Maces, Anti Paladins may use Axes, and Crusaders may use Long and Shortbows.


The stalwart Knights of the Imperial Army of have dedicated their lives to purging the scourge of crime and courruption from Wesnoth, stopping at nothing to ensure that the law is obeyed and the practice of necromancy and black magic is snuffed out. Though they have apprehended many henious criminals and decimated many unholy cults, many of Wesnoth's citizens wonder if the Empire's justice is in fact, a bit too heavy-handed.


Level 1:


Worn Heavy Armor

Worn Heavy Helm

Worn Heavy Guantlets

Worn Heavy Boots


Worn Sword

Worn Shield

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