Assasin, originally from "Wtactics"

The Rogue is one of the main starting Ushabti, and is obtained by having Charisma as one of your highest stats at the beginning of the game.

The Rogue is based on a Human Assasin from the "Shadow Guild" (Tentative name) in the upcoming open source CCG "Wtactics".


The Rogue can be played as either a supporting party member, or as a direct damage dealer, and can be equipped with almost every weapon in the game.

Although his basic attacks do not deal much damage on their own, his abilities are some of the most powerful in the game, and can stun, sleep or poison enemies as well as multiply the strength of his basic attacks.

At Level 5, you can choose Nightmare Gas or Shadow Slash as a new support or damage skill, which will influence future skill upgrades.

At level 10, the Rogue may advance into one of three Advanced Ushabti:

Shinobi - Charisma, Patience, Intellect

Bandit - Charisma, Recklessness

Assasin - Charisma, Recklessness, Malevolence

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