Ushabti are the digital soldiers created by the Ascended Ones to accompany them into the afterlife. After the downfall of their civilization, the few remaining Ascended Ones vowed to destroy the "Libraries" that housed them. Although countless thousands of Libraries were destroyed, many remained undetected, updating their data with Ushabti created from every realm of existance.

In Gestalt Tactics, Ushabti serve as your party members, and are seperated into Journeyman, Advanced and Hero units of varying power. The name is derived from an ancient egyptian artifact belived to be an artifical "servant" in the next life.


Early on in the game, you will be asked a series of questions which will determine your starting party of Ushabti. Based on your four higest stats, you will receive four out of:

Knight (Justice)

Mage (Intellect)

Rouge (Charisma)

Cleric (Compassion)

Ranger (Recklessness)

Executioner (Anger)

Bard (Patience)

Warrior (Insolence)

Depending on the choices you make during the course of the day, your options for levelling individual Ushabti will open up, revealing Advanced professions which can be combined to create Hero Ushabti. In addition to affecting combat roles and stats, your Advanced professions will also decide the ending you will ultimatley get.

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